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On Monday May 15, Johan Colvig, COO and co-founder of Zycamore, participated in the radio show “All Roads Lead to Cloud” hosted by Eric Kavanagh of InsideAnalysis. The radio show was broadcast via WFOY in Florida and streamed real-time all over the world.

During the radio show, Colvig elaborated on why Zycamore have build MoreReporting – a specialized Business Intelligence solution for Accountants, Restaurants and Churches/Charities:

Specially for small businesses, they don’t resources available to sit down, take a generic tool and define the reporting they need. Instead of building a tool that is generic, we made it razor sharp by focusing on specific industries. And building the tools, the reports and the analytics they will need to be able to grow their businesses.

During the radio show, Colvig enforced the idea that Business Intelligence solutions should lead to less work and more answers. If your Business Intelligence solution requires you to manually look for any issues in your business, the solution has just introduced more work. That is why that MoreReporting will automatically notify you, when there is an issue that needs your attention.

To listen to the entire radio show, go to http://insideanalysis.com/2017/05/all-roads-lead-to-cloud/

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