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Sharon Stewart, Complete Controller

“The MoreReporting APP is outstanding and invaluable for both the firm and the client. The analysis tools provide the ability to evaluate a client's financial performance. Numerous graphs make it possible for clients to view their financial information in a way that they can easily understand. Standard reporting packages, consolidated financial reports, benchmark analysis and assessment tools for onboarding new clients are very useful. Would definitely recommend this APP!”
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Jamie Christiano, Shoutpoint

“This app is everything my clients and I have been looking for. Not only do we get an amazing amount of insight into industry specific reporting and in depth reporting that clients are looking for, but the process is a lot more seamless than the normal month end reporting process we previously had. Save time, save money, happier clients! Cant beat that.”
MoreReporting Delivers

Jennifer Brazer, Complete Controller

“The More Reporting APP delivers the customized reporting we need for client advisory services. As a bookkeeping service, we often get questions about cash flow or loan readiness and More Reporting provides a tool for us to point back to with the answers. From a firm perspective we are entirely satisfied with this product.”

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Listen to Jennifer Brazer, from Complete Controller, explain how she has used MoreReporting to help her clients improve their businesses.

5.6 MM businesses

5.6 MM businesses

There are more than 5.6 MM U.S. businesses in the Quickbooks space with 2-99 employees.

#1 concern

#1 concern

A recent survey shows that the #1 concern of SMB owners is to grow financial results.

49% needs help

49% need help

Half of the market says they need external help to grow and accelerate their business.

44% say no impact

44% say no impact

Almost half of the market says their current accounting partner has zero impact on their results.

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