Many BI Consultants Are Like a Craftsman Without a Toolbox

Last week I mentioned one of the most awkward moments of my career. Well, this week I want to start out with one of most chocking moments. When we had started Infotrust as a Business Intelligence consulting company back in 2008, we very quickly began to talk about methodology. That is a big word, but what it means is that we as professional consultants should bring a toolbox to the customer. We believed that this toolbox should contain several tools, such as best practices, specification templates, documentation templates, architectural standards, project plans, etc. The tool we desired the most was a library containing standard data structures for dimensions, facts and data load. However, we were a small company, and we had to do these tools outside of normal work hours, so it took a very long time to do.

About two years later, we landed a subcontract with one of the large global consulting companies, who had been hired by a local Danish customer to do a large SAP implementation. We were subcontracted to do the BusinessObjects Data Services part, which was still fairly new to the SAP world. At our methodology meetings, we discussed this and saw it as an opportunity to learn from the big guys. What tools would they bring to the customer?


They basically came to the customer, asking them not only what they should do, but also how they should do it.

To stay in the craftsman analogy from my last blog post, it means that when you hire a professional craftman to redo your bathroom, you not only have to decide how your bathroom should look, you have to make a decision on all the materials needed – from the new bathtub down to the wood and screws. When the craftsmen show up, you have to hand them the tools they need to do the job. And by the way – if the screws and tools you have bought are Torx instead of Phillips, you either have to pay for their retraining or find someone else!

In many cases, you will know exactly what application your business need to support one or more of the business processes better. Or at least you know what direction to go. But that is not the case with Business Intelligence. Business Intelligence is knowledge of how to run your business better. If you already knew how to run your business better, you would have no need of Business Intelligence…

This is why the out-of-the-box dashboards and reports are a central part of MoreReporting. We have taken our expert knowledge based on experience and business understanding, to create the overview that you need to run your business better. This overview will immediately give you an overview of your business’s key financial parameters, such as revenue, expenses, profit and cash-flow.

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