How to Diagnose Your Business?

How to Diagnose Your Business?

The Business HealthReport gives your business the check-ups it needs.

It is important to have consistent check-ups with doctors and other medical physicians to ensure that your body is running properly.  Doctors and physicians use different instruments like a stethoscope to listen to a patient’s internal organs, which is critical in detecting any abnormalities that might need attention.  At the end of a checkup the doctor may offer medical advice that encourages specific behaviors that can help a patient improve their overall health. Likewise, businesses also require consistent check-ups to ensure they are being cost-effective and achieving their highest possible performance.  Although there aren’t medical doctors with the expertise to diagnose a business, MoreReporting has the Business Health Report that does exactly that.

The Business Health Report is an automated in-depth analysis of your customer’s financial status including the bookkeeping, the balance sheet, fraud detection and much more.  This is especially helpful to accountants as it gives them the opportunity to provide actionable feedback to their clients. This feedback should pinpoint weaknesses in their client’s business operations and highlight areas in which they can improve to boost their financial performance.  Searching out this information is tedious and time-consuming, but can be done automatically by using the Business Health Report.

Why Use the Business HealthReport?

The Business Health Report offers key benefits to any accountant that is looking to improve their client’s financial position and for more time to pursue other opportunities to generate more income.  The benefits include:

  •      Automatically analyze the bookkeeping to discover issues within administrative procedures and financial performance
  •      Leads to more consulting hours to your clients
  •      Offer more feedback and service to your clients

The Business Health Report can serve as the doctor or the physician for the clients’ and businesses which you serve.  This automated solution will help push your clients to be more cost effective and to achieve their highest possible performance.

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