#1 Sell more hours

Increase your service level and identify upsell opportunities
with your customers instantly.

Business Health Report

The business health report is an automated in-depth analysis of your customers financial status including the book keeping, the balance sheet, fraud detection and much more. It’s designed to help you identify new ADVISORY SERVICES up sale opportunities with your customers.


The HealthReport enables you to hold a regular status meeting with your customer, where you can discuss the identified issues. Solving these issues enables you to up-sell more hours.

Virtual CFO

There are many financial figures to keep track of when running a business. You are fantastic at running a business, but you might not best buddies with the balance sheet. MoreReporting’s virtual CFO monitors the balance sheet for you, together with other financial figures, and notifies you if there is a problem.


The Virtual CFO Identifies specific customer critical issues enableing you to proactively engage and upsell more hours.

Fraud Detection

MoreReporting monitors your customers financial transactions, and identifies if there is a deviation from historical data. The deviations might be perfectly normal, but it might also be a sign of fraud. We’ll notify you, so you can investigate any anomalies.


When the Fraud Detection engine finds possible fraud, you will be alerted about the issue. This enables you to proactivly contact the customer, and up-sell hours investingating the issue.

#2 Save time

Give your customers a better service and sell more hours
while saving time.

Status email Report

We know and understand daily operations can be a hassle and keep your customers busy. Don’t worry – we have created an automated email status report, providing the most important information and alerts. Customize the frequency and content of these reports to fit your individual customer’s needs.


By automating the status report you create every month or quarter to your customers, you can spend that time selling other services to your customers.

Financial Consolidation

If you have 2 or more companies in your group, a major problem is consolidating the financial results from each unit into an overall group report. MoreReporting can consolidate your financial figures with a few clicks, including handling elimination of inter company eliminations transactions on account level. If you are operating in markets with different currencies, MoreReporting can automatically convert the local currencies to your group currency.


Not only can you save time on creating the consolidated reports for your largers customers, the reports gets a highter quality by setting up eliminations and utilizing the automatic currency conversion if needed.

Analytical Dashboards

See the development of numbers and figures behind a result or a graph. With just one click you can discover the historical development and quickly verify if the result seems correct or if further investigation is needed.


When your customer wants a more in-depth analysis of their financial performance, the analytical dashboards provide this information, without you having to create excel reports by hand.

Easy Budget

MoreReporting uses Predictive Analytics to analyze and find trends and behaviors in historical results and performance to draft a new budget. This way you can spend your time reviewing and updating budgets in stead of wasting time on collecting and preparing data.


1) You can be more efficient when creating budget for your customers, by using the predicted budget.
2) You get alerted when the customers performance deviate from the budget, enabling you to proactively contact them.
3) When the customer needs a budget follow-up report for their bank or investor, you can save time by using the build-in budget follow up report.

#3 Automated services

Why waste time on manual processes
when you can automate your services.

Customer Financial Portal

Provide your customers with an online automated dashboard/portal solution providing full transparency of their financial performance and a variety of features and functions created to help their business grow revenue and profit.


By branding MoreReporting with your logo you offer your customers a financial portal that normally only the largest accounting companies can offer.

Data Visualizer

Discover and vusialize trends in data to better understand financial performance and development over time.


If your customer needs a more in-depth understanding of trends in their company, they can use the Data Visualizer provided through your branded customer portal, to investigate and analyze their data

Automated Integration

All you need to authorize and execute integration of data from the online accounting solution and MoreReporting is the login credential from the used accounting program. It only takes a few minutes to get started and generate the financial overview on live data.


You or your customer don’t need to use time for collecting data.

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an average revenue calculation of potential up-sale of hours.

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