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Awesome Tool for Dashboards and Consolidation

Anna Ready, Accrew

“MoreReporting has worked with us to set up a client with multiple entities be able to see in one dashboard how all of his companies are performing, and open reports to see how each is doing. Such a great tool to provide high value advisory services to our clients.”
Great Consolidating Tool

Wendy Copeland, Hall Labs

“Johan helped us set up the consolidation structure for our entities including eliminations and account alignments. Consolidation is now automated. Great Solution!”
Just what we needed

Barbi Jo Ludwig, Usermind Inc.

“More Reporting allows us to consolidate our financials with our foreign entities at a pace that is quicker than what I could do with excel. This has helped me shorten my close time and get the numbers to our investors faster.”
Great Reporting Mechanism, above just reports

Patrick Currie, Jajeh Financial

“I assumed it was just reports. But I love that they are into the analysis service more than just cool reports. This is information that is helpful for business owners to think about put together in a way that is understandable. It's intelligent reporting. ”

Don’t Take our Word for it.

Listen to Adam Beesley, from Adam Up Accounting, explain how he has used MoreReporting to help his clients improve their businesses.

5.6 MM businesses

5.6 MM businesses

There are more than 5.6 MM U.S. businesses in the Quickbooks space with 2-99 employees.

#1 concern

#1 concern

A recent survey shows that the #1 concern of SMB owners is to grow financial results.

49% needs help

49% need help

Half of the market says they need external help to grow and accelerate their business.

44% say no impact

44% say no impact

Almost half of the market says their current accounting partner has zero impact on their results.

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