An Interpreter for Financial Reports

Don’t let financial reports confuse your clients anymore.

Can you imagine being invited to participate in a meeting where you didn’t understand a single word because a foreign language was spoken?  Inevitably, one might feel frustrated because they want to understand, but just aren’t able to. 

One of MoreReporting’s first customers had a very similar experience with his accountant.  This customer showed me the financial report he received from his accountant every quarter.  The report was basically a balance sheet exported from the accounting solution and as he showed me the report, he said: “I can’t understand it.  It is all gibberish to me.”  Since then I have made it a goal for MoreReporting to enable small business owners to get an understandable overview of their business that is simple to read. Basically, MoreReporting is an interpreter of financial reports.   

Simple Reporting Done in Less Time

The greatest benefit of an interpreter is how much time they can save someone from doing the translation on their own.  Instead of researching the rules of grammar and learning new vocabulary, someone can say any phrase they want and their interpreter will translate what has been said into the desired language.  This same amount of time and energy can be saved when using MoreReporting’s Business Intelligence solution to evaluate financial performance.  The process is simple and fast and it leaves accountants and their clients with pivotal information on how to grow their business.

The Big Three    

MoreReporting has 3 tools that will reduce time-consuming manual processes that still exist and make your data analysis more effective.

  1. Email Status Report- We have created an automated email status report, providing the most important information and alerts. You can customize the frequency and content of these reports to fit the individual needs of your customers.  By automating the status report you create every month or quarter, you can spend more time selling and delivering additional services to your customers.
  2. Customer Financial Portal- Provide your customers with a self-service dashboard/portal solution that shows full transparency of financial performance.  By branding MoreReporting with your logo towards your customers, you will be offering a portal that normally only the largest accounting companies can offer.
  3. Virtual CFO- MoreReporting’s virtual CFO monitors the balance sheet for you, together with other financial figures, and notifies you if there is a problem.  This will enable you to reach a new level of service for your customers, without having to invest extra time in it.

Get Answers Instead of  Having to Ask Questions

MoreReporting always has the goal of making life easier for our partners and their clients.  We want them to be fast and effective when analyzing their financial information.  The Email Status Report, Customer Financial Portal, and Virtual CFO combine to answer most any question about the evaluation of a business that an accountant or client may ask.  These tools are as simple as using an interpreter to translate a language and will help boost financial performance and achieve highest possible profit.

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